General Operation And Notes Of Instrument For Hollow Building Formwork in Construction:

1. Method of use plastic building formwork as well as wooden formwork, plastic building formwork reinforcement direction with batten direction placed in cross shaped.

2. No need to smear the mold release agent before using building plastic formwork construction.

3. When cast-in-place the flat plate, spacing between the keels should be 20 ~ 25 cm, and the spacing between the wall plate and keels hould be 10 ~ 20 cm.Hollow plastic building formwork in construction don't need releasing agent.

4. The seam-line between plastic building formwork in construction should be taped.

5. The length of nail should not be too long, generally about 30 ~ 35 mm.

6. The strength to drive nailsshould be moderate.

7. When removing the reusable plastic formwork, please start from the small part of one end, the support and the plates should be removed at the same time aiming at preventing the template widespread drops, don't let the corner drop on the ground vertically.

8. The plastic building formwork accesses to be mixed used with wood veneer, bamboo veneer and other material plate.

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Reusable 80 Times Hollow Plastic Building Formwork Introduction

The plastic building formwork in construction produced by CET uses imported polypropylene resin as basic material, adding chemical additives toughening, flame resistance, weather resistance and anti-aging, smelt and form new construction material through chemical molecular structure reorganization.


1.Plastic building formwork in construction was light weight.

2.Construction formwork materials has high strength,hardness,impact resistance-small check design.

3.Formwork in construction could reuse 80-100times.

4.PP hollow plastic formwork in construction was easily install and removed, only tapping not releasing agent .

5.Building formwork was waterproof,anti-high and low temperatureg.

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